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Brian's MIDI Attic Links

Every link listed here is associated with music in some way. It may contain MIDI files or it may be a tribute to someone's favorite band. Check out these sites! If you would like your music related website listed here, scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out how.

~Mystiqal's~ Music Room

Special: A Garbage Tribute

Luke's MIDI Files

To have your music related website listed on this page, simply email me with the URL to your site. (Sorry... I don't display banners on this link page because of loading time). If your site has something to do with music or a musical group, you will be listed here! You must provide a link back to Brian's MIDI Attic's main page. It can be as simple as a text link or you can use my banner listed below. To display the banner shown below, simply copy the text under it and paste it onto your site. Sites listed here will be reviewed periodically and sites who aren't linking back, will be removed from this link list. I will honour your link if you will honour mine. Thank you very much!

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